We Raise Our Glass!

From the Lawlor Family to you. We welcome you and invite you to experience Galena Cellars to its fullest.

The countdown is on to Galena Wine Lovers’ Weekend!

Galena Cellars Wine Lovers' 4-Course Lunch at the Vineyard, March 29 at Noon
Photo credit: VanOsdol Photographics

We’ve had quite the crazy and long winter here in the Midwest! But we know spring is on the way. When there is wine in the glass, sunshine isn’t far! And that means Galena Wine Lovers’ Weekend is not far away either!

Join us at the vineyard Saturday, March 29 at noon for an amazing lunch being planned by Galena’s own Chef Ivo and Galena Cellars’ winemaker Chris Lawlor. Want a preview that will make your mouth water? Click here. Five courses paired with Galena Cellars wine. Hosted by winemaker Allan Hyland, this is an event you will not want to miss. Your reservation also includes a vineyard tour and a grape vine cutting.

Make your reservations today. And be sure to check out the other events happening during Galena Wine Lovers’ Weekend, March 28-30.

Some like it hot.

Galena Cellars recipe for mulled wine | or buy our mulled wine pre-bottledMulled wines—the perfect winter warm up.

Whether you call it Glögg (Nordic), Glühwein (German), vin chaud (French) or quentao (Brazilian), hot, mulled wine is indeed a treat, especially during cold January.

Celebrated throughout time and throughout the world, mulled wine is a tradition of warming wine—typically a hearty red wine—with citrus fruit and spices such as cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon. Often honey and other alcoholic beverages, for example brandy, are also added to enhance the flavor and warming effect.

“Mulled wine warms your heart and your soul,” noted Galena Cellars winemaker Chris Lawlor. “By warming the wine, you are inhaling the alcohol and drinking the flavor—which heightens your senses and warms you up.”

A recipe for warmth

Tips to make your own mulled wine:

  1. WINE—start with a red. Have a bottle of Beaujoulais Nouveau? Perfect. Other favorites include Galena Cellars’ General’s Red or Country Red. If you want to spunk it up a bit, Galena Cellars’ Apple, Cherry, Pomegranate or Blackberry wines would be fun and are great spiced.
  2. FRUIT—Citrus. Typically one peeled and sliced orange. Keep the peel to add zest to taste if serving in a crockpot.
  3. SPICES—cinnamon sticks (approximately 3), cloves (8-10), ginger and / or nutmeg (1-2 teaspoons). Other add-in options: star anise (1), cardamom pods (4) or allspice berries (6).  Galena Cellars has a special pre-made blend of mulling spices available that is a wonderful combination of cinnamon and clove extracts that won’t discolor the wine.
  4. OPTIONAL—For a sweeter blend, add 1/3 cup honey, sugar or up to a half gallon of non-sugar added apple cider. For an extra kick, add ¼ cup brandy.

To prevent your wine from becoming merky, place the fruit and spices in cheesecloth and allow to steep in the wine.


  1. Do not boil! The temperature of the wine can be to your liking, but do not boil as you will be eventually be boiling out the alcohol in the steam.
  2. Put a lid on your crockpot or large pot to capture the steam.
  3. Gently warm for about 20-30 minutes to fully steep the spices and infuse flavor.
  4. Stir occasionally.
  5. Serve warm, straining out the added spices and fruit.
  6. For an individual serving, simply pour wine in a mug and place in the microwave to warm. Cover the mug with a small plate or lid to trap in steam.

Enjoy with friends next to a fire pit or fireplace. Perfect after a day out skiing.

Unveiling Sparkling Frontenac Gris